Office of the Executive Mayor 

The Executive Mayor Councilor Pule Phooko of the Moqhaka Local Municipality is appointed in terms of section 55 of the Municipal Structures Act. As the first citizen of Moqhaka Local Municipality, the Executive Mayor has the overall political responsibility for Moqhaka Local Municipality.

Members of Mayoral Committee

The Executive Mayor heads up a team of 10 full-time Councillors who make up the Mayoral Committee of 10 members. Each member of the mayoral committee chairs a portfolio committee, made up of Councillors drawn from all political parties.

Office of the Speaker

The office of the Speaker is responsible for managing public participation through ward committees, stakeholder forums, petition processes, by-laws, etc, and enhancing the public participation role of the Speaker.

The Speaker is the chairperson of the City Council and presides over meetings. He or she is responsible for managing community participation in local government, particularly through the ward forums, by ensuring they function effectively.

Office of the Chief Whip

The Chief Whip’s role is to maintain cohesion within the governing party and to build relationships with other political parties.

Other tasks include: making sure that each of the political parties are properly represented on the various committees maintaining sound relations between the various political parties attending to disputes between political parties.

Office of the Municipal Manager

Mr. Simon Mncedisi Mqwathi is the Municipal Manager of Moqhaka Local Municipality, He is the head of the Municipal Administration and He is also the accounting officer. He  held responsible for financial management of the municipality. The Office of the Municipal Manager provides the momentum of the administration and integrates all the components of the Municipality, there are four key departments reporting directly to the municipal Manager:

  • Finance
  • Corporate Services
  • Community Services
  • Technical Service
  • Planning and LED