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How to submit a Quotation 

Moqhaka Local Municipality hereby invite the suitable Service Providers to supply quotations for the following listed services, for more information click on the RFQ number or description.

All quotations should be submitted by hand at :

Civic Centre (Municipal Building)
Quotation Box (at security desk)
Ground Floor
Hill Street

For further supplier support and additional information, you can contact us via:

e-mail 1:
e-mail 2: and
Tel: 056 216 9307

Request For Quotations

Open/Current RFQ’s

Closing Date
4/1/2/2023-24Supply and Delivery of Weed Killer01 September 2023 @ 12 pm
4/1/3/2023-24Supply and Deliver a Dome Tent with Gazebo Accessories, Three foldable tables, and Four camping Chairs for Solid Waste Management awareness campaigns.01 September 2023 @ 12 pm
4/1/1/2023-24Supply and Delivery of 2000 X Pack of 20 Garden Refuse Bags.01 September 2023 @ 12 pm