Draft Policies


Draft Budget Policy 2023-2024Draft A1 Schedule 2023-2024
Draft Cost Containment Policy draft 2023-2024Draft Tariff Policy 2023-2024
Draft Property Rates Policy 2023-2024Draft Indigent Subsidy Policy 2023-2024
Draft Write-off Policy 2023-2024Draft Cash and Investment Policy 2023-2024
Draft Debt Collection Credit Control Policy 2023-2024Draft Cash Control Direct Deposits Policy 2023-2024
Draft Short and Long-term Borrowing Policy 2023-2024Draft Meter Reading Policy 2023-2024
Draft Petty cash policy 2023-2024Draft Assets Management Policy 2023 – 2024
Draft Travel and Subsistence Policy 2023-2024Draft SCM Infrastructure Policy SIPDM draft 2023-2024
Draft SCM Policy 2023-2024Draft Preferential Procurement Policy Draft 2023-2024
Draft SMME Support Strategy 2023-2024Draft Prepaid Electricity Vendors Appointment Policy 2023-2024


2021_22 MFMA Budget Circular No 107 – 04 Dec 2020 (final)A-Schedule mSCOA ver 6.5 2021-22
Assets Management Policy 2021-22Budget Policy 2021-22
Cash Control & Direct Deposits Policy 2021-22Cash and Investment Policy 2021-22
Debt Collection Credit Control Policy 2021-22Draft Tariff Schedule 2021-22 v1
Draft Tariff Schedule 2021-22 v1.2Indigent Subsidy Policy 2021-22
Meter Reading Policy 2021-22Petty cash policy 2021-22
Property Rates Policy 2021-22SCM Infrastructure Policy SIPDM 2021-22
SCM Policy 2021-22Service standards Circular 72 of 2021-22
Short and Long-term Borrowing Policy 2021-22Tariff Policy 2021-22
Travel and Subsistence Policy 2021-22Write-off Policy 2021-22