Moqhaka Tourism


Kroonstad (also known as “Crown City”) is the third-largest city in the Free State (after Bloemfontein and Welkom) and lies two hours’ drive on the N1 linking major cities Gauteng, Bloemfontein, and Capetown. It is the primary node town with Viljoenskroon and Steynsrus being the secondary nodes. Maokeng is an area within Kroonstad and is occasionally used as a synonym for the town itself. It is the second-largest commercial and urban center in the Northern Free State (after Welkom), and an important railway junction on the mainline from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Maokeng is Sesotho and means “place of the thorn trees (mimosa trees)”.

Kroonstad is Free State’s loveliest town and lies on the banks of the Vals River, a tributary of the Vaal, roughly two hours drive from Johannesburg. It is situated in an area characterized by open spaces and an abundant variety of vegetation that makes it particularly beautiful. It is a quaint town that serves as a good stopover en route between Johannesburg and Cape Town, lying as it does at virtually the halfway mark. Kroonstad offers an array of activities that include flea markets, a tea garden, fishing on the Vals River or at the Bloemhoek Dam, walking trails and lion tours, and a lion and tiger interaction at Boskoppie Lion and Tiger Park.

The Department of Correctional Services and the School of Engineer’s Military bases are situated in the town. Kroonstad has of late become a distinguished holiday destination due to the ultra-modern and popular holiday resort of Kroonpark, adjacent to the Vals River. The urban area is situated adjacent to the N1 National Road and is located adjacent to one of the largest and most important four-way railway junctions in South Africa. Kroonstad is an important agricultural service center in the Free State with a predominantly agricultural-orientated economy served by a modern toll-road


Established in 1921, deep in the heart of the Free State Province, where cattle and maize farms drape the landscapes, is the homely secondary node town of Moqhaka, Viljoenskroon also known as Rammulotsi. The town is still governed by the rhythm of the farmland and is the second-largest town falling under the Moqhaka Local Municipality.

It formed part of Moqhaka Local Municipality after the 1994 amalgamation and it is administered from Kroonstad. Viljoenskroon is also home to one of the largest grain silos in the country, which is impressive to see up close. History enthusiasts will enjoy seeing World War Two The Memorial; was created using metal, concrete, and stone. It also has well-established stud farms and those with a passion for horses come from afar to appreciate the
world-class studs that live here.


Established in 1910 in the Free State province of South Africa and named after the last president of the Orange Free State, Martinus Theunis Steyn. Steynsrus also known as Matlwangtlwang is a secondary node farming town and formed part of Moqhaka Local Municipality after the 1994 amalgamation and it is administered from Kroonstad.

The town is located on the R76 and R720 road between Kroonstad and Senekal, roughly 50 km from either; the distance, as with most towns in the Free State, that could be ridden in a day on horseback. A fine sandstone Dutch Reformed Church, built-in 1928, dominates the town, and its most notable architectural feature, sitting at the main axis, Van Reebeck and Haasbroek Streets.

Apart from government services, agriculture is the main employer in this area and many residents commute every day to work on the surrounding farms. It is surrounded by beautiful scenic arable land and green fields for farming.