Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP)

It should be noted that the SDBIP is an important oversight and management tool, which must be informed, by the approved IDP and Budget. Secondly, the annual performance plans/contracts of the Municipal Manager and Directors must be aligned to the service delivery targets contained in the approved SDBIP.

Further, ensure alignment with the municipality’s Performance Management System (PMS) it is critical that in-year reporting (monthly, mid-year, and quarterly), and annual reporting should be done against the information contained in the approved SDBIP


SDBIP 2023/24 – Review

SDBIP 2022/23

SDBIP 2021/22 – Review

SDBIP 2021/22 – Final

SDBIP 2021/22

SDBIP 2020/21

Other Performance Reports

First Quarter Performance Assessments Report

Mid-year Performance Assessment Report

Third Quarter Performance Assessment Report